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Friday, February 26, 2010

Andai Amsyar boleh berkata-kata

Nama saya Amsyar..Nama penuh saya Ahmad Nazrol Amsyar B. Nazrol Afendi..di rumah ibu dan abah panggil Amsyar..kekadang Amsyaruddin..tah ape2la ibu n abah ni...saya baru hidup di dunia ni 4 bulan setengah..perjlanan saya masih lagi jaaaaaaaaauh..berjalan pon belum lagi..

skang ni baru dpt skill meniarap..ni masa saya 1st time test power..stelah cuba byk2 kali..akhirnya berja berjaya..yea..sukenye ibu dan abah saya...

Mase ni saye dibuai mimpi indah..dikelilingi oleh susu-susu yang lemak manis..yummy..yummy..sehingga menghisap jari.sye ni kuat minum susu tau ..tu psl sye tembam..

Friday, February 19, 2010

Masalah Amsyar xnk direct BF...

ni tips dpd susu ibu.com cane care nk atasi masalah ni...soyok n tepek utk rujukan...

" ada 2 BIG issues disini:
1-abundant milk supply
2-nipple preference where baby prefers to drinks milk in bottle(either ebm or formula) rather than latch on to mommy's breast.

utk isu yg pertama(abundant milk supply):
1-susukan baby on demand (bila bila ms dia cooing, berbunyi2)
2-mengepam 3 jam sekali (20 minit setiap breast) semasa bekerja/baby tiada disisi
3-sambung mengepam (15 minit setiap breast) setiap kali lps baby menyusu
4-dapatkan pam yang elok (spectra 3, medela swing, ameda) – eletrik & dual pump
5-gantikan sesi yang anak tk mahu direct feeding dengan mengepam 20 minit setiap breast (sementara mengatasi isu no 2-nipple preferencenya)

utk isu yg kedua (nipple preference)
1-gunakan botol MAM masa beri baby ebm (semasa bekerja)
2-jgn beri baby guna pacifier/puting
3-mulakan latih baby utk direct feeding masa dia mamai mlm2.hari jumaat mlm sabtu adalah waktu yg sesuai kerana sepanjang hari sabtu dan ahad (siang & mlm), kita boleh berikan baby direct feeding sahaja (no bottle at all).kena tidur2 ayam.
4-sentiasa offer nipple pada baby (setiap 30 minit).kdg2 baby mengamuk sakan bila kita letak nipple di mulutnya.tapi lps nangis 5 minit gitu,dia akan 'terima' nipple kita itu.
5-kaedahnya : offer nipple padanya sebelum dia lapar.baby yang terlalu lapar akan mengamuk jika kita 'paksa' dia minum dari nipple. “isy,aku dahle lapo...nak suruh isap2 susah2 pula” <--lebih kurang gineh dialognya.bila baby tidak lapar sangat, dia masih boleh bertolak ansur,insyaAllah. 6-topless semasa di rumah/bilik.tak perlu pakai bra.baby hanya pakai pampers.bawa dia ke hulu ke hilir, dapur, tgk tv, bilik belakang, ruang tamu, baca buku wpun semasa dia tidur. Banyakkan skin-to-skin contact.biar dia kenal bau ibunya. 7-susukan nya di tempat sunyi.sesetengah baby cepat distract.kalau ramai2 anak buah,mak mertua keliling nak tgk “ada susu?””keluar tak?”.bila dengar suara org lain pun kdg2 baby tensi dan malas minum. 8-ambil cuti 3 hari, mungkin isnin-rabu.sepanjang 5 hari tu(sabtu-rabu), beri direct feeding tiap kali dia berbunyi walaupun hek hek..insyaAllah, dia akan “master breastfeeding” selepas itu dan walaupun dia minum guna bottle di nursery/babysitter, dia akan tetap mahukan direct feeding dr ibunya. Saya alami 2 issues di atas masa baby saya umur 2 bulan. Alhamdulillah tips2 di atas telah membantu saya dan ramai ibu2 yang lain"

50 tips anak bijak

di copy n paste dari sini http://www.parents.com/baby/development/intellectual

Stimulate Baby's Vision

1. Make eye contact. Take advantage of those brief moments when your newborn's eyes are open, and look right into them. Infants recognize faces early on -- and yours is the most important! Each time he stares at you, he's building his memory.

2. Stick out your tongue. Studies show that newborns as young as 2 days old can imitate simple facial movements -- it's a sign of very early problem solving.

3. Let him reflect. Have your baby stare at himself in the mirror. At first, he may think he's just eyeing another cute kid, but he'll love making the "other" baby wave his arms and smile.

4. Make a difference. Hold up two pictures about 8 to 12 inches away from your baby's face. They should be similar but have one small difference (perhaps a tree is in one but not the other). Even a young infant will look back and forth and figure out the distinguishing features, which sets the stage for letter recognition and reading later on.

Chat Her Up, Make Her Laugh

5. Blab away. All you may get is a blank look, but leave short pauses where your baby would speak. Soon she'll catch on to the rhythm of conversation and start filling in the blanks.

6. Go gaga. Your baby really tunes in to your silly cooing and high-pitched baby talk.

7. Sing a song. Learn as many tunes as you can, or make up your own verses ("This is the way we change your diaper, change your diaper, change your diaper . . . "). Play Bach, the Beatles, or Britney Spears. Some research suggests that learning the rhythms of music is linked to learning math.

8. Clue him in. When you announce, "I'm going to turn on the light now" before flipping the switch, you're teaching cause and effect.

9. Tickle her toes. In fact, tickle her all over. Laughter is the first step in developing a sense of humor. And playing games like "This little piggy" (finish by tickling her under the chin) or "I'm gonna get you" teaches your child to anticipate events.

10. Be a funny face. Puff up your cheeks, and have your toddler touch your nose. When she does, poof! Have her pull your ear, and then stick out your tongue. Make a funny noise when she pats your head. Keep to the same routine three or four times, then change the rules to keep her guessing.

11. Joke around. Point to a photo of Uncle Frank, and call him "Mommy." Then tell your child that you were being silly and laugh at your "joke" to build her budding sense of humor.

12. Breast-feed, if possible. And do it for as long as you can. It's a fact that schoolkids who were breast-fed as infants have higher IQs. Plus, nursing is a great time to bond with your infant by singing, talking, or simply stroking that delicious baby hair.

13. Make the most of diaper time. Use moments on the changing pad to teach body parts or pieces of clothing. Narrate to help your baby learn to anticipate routines.

14. Turn off the tube. Your baby's brain needs one-on-one interaction that no TV show, no matter how educational, can provide.

15. Don't forget to give it a rest. Spend a few minutes each day simply sitting on the floor with your baby -- no music, bright lights, or playful tricks. Let him explore, and see where he takes you.

Get Physical

16. Be a playground. Lie down on the floor, and let your baby climb and crawl all over you. It's cheaper than a jungle gym and lots more fun! You'll help boost her coordination and problem-solving skills.

17. Build an obstacle course. Boost motor skills by placing sofa cushions, pillows, boxes, or toys on the floor and then showing your baby how to crawl over, under, and around the items.

18. Shake it up, baby. Teach her to twist and shout, do the funky chicken, or twirl like a ballerina.

19. Play "follow the leader." Crawl through the house, varying your speed. Stop at interesting places to play.

20. Now follow his lead. As your toddler gets older, he'll stretch his creativity to see if you really will do everything he does, like make silly noises, crawl backward, or laugh.

Explore New Surroundings

21. Share the view. Take your baby on walks in a front carrier, sling, or backpack, and narrate what you see -- "That's a little dog" or "Look at those big trees!" or "Did you hear that fire engine?" -- to give your baby endless vocabulary-building opportunities.

22. Go shopping. When you need a break from your song and dance, visit the supermarket. The faces, sounds, and colors there provide perfect baby entertainment.

23. Change the scenery. Switch your toddler's high chair to the other side of the table. You'll challenge his memory of where things are placed at meals.

Play and Be Silly

24. Surprise her. Every now and then, delight your baby by gently blowing on her face, arms, or tummy. Make a pattern out of your breaths, and watch her react and anticipate.

25. Practice three-card monte. Grab a few empty plastic food containers, and hide one of your baby's small toys under one. Shuffle the containers, and let him find the prize.

26. Play peekaboo. Your hide-and-seek antics do more than bring on the giggles. Your baby learns that objects can disappear and then come back.

27. Pick it up. Even if it seems like your baby repeatedly drops toys off her high chair just to drive you nuts, go fetch. She's learning and testing the laws of gravity. Give her several pieces of wadded-up paper or some tennis balls, put an open bucket under her seat, and let her take aim!

Teach Texture

28. Grab a tissue or two. If your baby loves pulling tissues out of the box, let him! For a few cents, you've got sensory playthings that he can crumple or smooth out. Hide small toys under them, and thrill your tot when you "find" them again.

29. Get touchy-feely. Keep a box of different-textured fabrics: silk, terrycloth, wool, and linen. Gently rub the cloths on your baby's cheek, feet, and tummy, describing the way each feels.

30. Feel your way. Walk around the house with your babe in arms, and touch his hand to the cool window, some soft laundry, a smooth plant leaf, and other safe objects, labeling items as you go.

31. Let your child play with her food. When she's ready, serve foods that vary in texture -- including cooked peas, cereal, pasta, or chunks of cantaloupe. She'll get to practice her pincer grasp and explore her senses.

Teach Language and Counting

32. Take a cue from Sesame Street. Dedicate each week to a letter of the alphabet. For instance, read books that start with A, eat A foods, cut up snacks into that shape, and write the letter on your sidewalk with chalk.

33. Count everything. Count how many blocks your toddler can stack. Or the number of steps in your house. Or his fingers and toes. Make a habit of counting out loud, and soon he'll join in.

34. Read books. Again and again! Scientists have found that babies as young as 8 months can learn to recognize the sequence of words in a story when it's read 2 or 3 times in a row -- this is believed to help them learn language.

35. Tell tall tales. Choose her favorite story -- replace the main character with her name to make it fun.

36. Go to the library. Take advantage of storytime, puppet shows, and rows and rows of books.

Make Memories

37. Make a family album. Include photographs of relatives near and far, and flip through it often to build your child's memories. When Grandma calls, show him her picture as he listens on the phone.

38. Create a zoo book. On your next visit, take photos of favorite animals to include in an album. Later, "read" it together, naming all the familiar creatures or adding animal sounds and stories.

39. Put her in the spotlight. Together, watch old home videos of your baby enjoying her first bath, learning to roll over, playing with Grandpa . . . Narrate the story to build language and memory.

40. Make a mug-shot memory game. Take close-up pictures of all the impor- tant people in your child's life, get double prints -- and you've got a set of matching cards. Lay them faceup on the floor, and help her find the two that are alike. As she gets older, you can alter the memory game by starting with the photos facedown.

Tips for Toddlers

41. Make more out of storytime. Point out little details in the pictures, and ask your toddler questions, ranging from the abstract ("Why do you think he doesn't want to try green eggs and ham?") to the concrete ("Have you ever seen a white dog?").

42. Play in the rain. Jump in puddles. Sit in wet grass together. It's a fun, albeit messy, way of learning about wet and dry.

43. Let him be the boss (sometimes). Build confidence by giving your toddler a choice between two items whenever possible: different-colored bowls at mealtime, for instance. He'll learn that his decisions count -- and get practice naming his colors.

44. Dress up. Let your toddler play with some of Dad's old shirts. Dig out old winter hats, scarves, or orphaned gloves. Put yourselves in pretend situations, and see where his creativity and imagination take you.

45. Play it again, Sam. Dig out the box of your toddler's old rattles and mirrored baby toys. You'll be amazed at the new ways he finds to play with them.

46. Talk feelings through. Cuddle up at bedtime, and ask your child what made him happy or sad that day. What made him angry -- or proud? You'll help him recall the day, understand the past tense, and label his emotions. This is an activity to keep up -- right until he heads off to college.

47. Hunt bugs. Look at pictures of harmless insects (ladybugs, crickets, butterflies) in a book or magazine, then go to the park to find some.

48. Wear rose-colored glasses. (Or yellow or blue.) Pick a color, and ask your toddler if he can spot it when you go on a walk or car ride together. Then let him pick a color for you to hunt.

49. Put your kid to work. Little tots can help sort laundry into darks and whites. Your child may even be able to pick out which clothes belong to her.

50. Speak volumes. Gather a few different-size cups or plastic containers, and let your child pour water from one to another at her next bath. Sometimes she'll pour too much, other times too little. Talk about which cups are bigger and which are smaller.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


sekarang ni aku berminat dgn Montessori ni...ngah bt researh kat internet..what?, who?, how? is Montessori...pengetahuan yg ade xbyk..dlu penah keje kt tadika Montessori jd pngalaman kat situ aku simpn baik2..lepas tu smbung belajar dalam pendidikan prasekolah..hanya sket je mengenai Montessori tu pun cari sendiri lect xbyk bg input psl ni..dieorg bagi input secara overall..ramai lagi tokoh pendidikan awal kanak-kanak yg terkenal seperti froebel, imam al-ghazali, ibnu sina dn Maria Montessori slah sorang dripadanya..Metod yang digunakan amat bgus dlm mendidik anak-anak..Ade pendapat yang kurang bersetuju mengenai metod yang digunakan oleh cik puan ni.faktor agama..dan brmacam lagilah..tapi bagi aku, mane yang baik dan sesuai eloklah diguna pakai..Setelah menyelongkar dalam internet plus pengetahuan sedia ada. dapatlah beberapa input yang berguna..Yang pertama sekali dalam membesarkan anak-anak 'prepared environment' haruslah disediakan. Sebagai contoh sediakan perabot bersaiz kanak-kanak,menggantung gambar pada aras mata kanak-kanak, sediakan 'working area' yang ada shelves dan toy (yang digilirkan). Playmat iaitu alas tempat bermain..semua yang disebut diatas mempunyai prinsip dalam penggunaannya. So, aku kena sediakan
1. shelves
2. mat untuk(makan/main)
3. toy:pemilihan toy amat penting. Ni part yang susah. Nak cri yang berkualiti susah nk dapat dipasar raya.Klu ada pun yang mahal. klu dua tiga xpela nk beli.klu byk2.jenuh jugak tu..bukannya leh guna lama..besar nnti dh xguna..yang bagunsya dapat kan wooden toy based on mentesori metod..papepun prinsip aku, mainan boleh direka sendiri ikut kreativiti masing2.selagi anak-anak suka dan sesuai dgn perkembangannya.xsemua perlu dibeli..carikan aktiviti-aktiviti seperti art n craft dan lakukan bersama, ini lagi bagus..

Saturday, February 13, 2010

3 months old

pandai main cikucak...muawwh...

Aktiviti tk baby 4 bulan

  1. Give your baby two squeak toys, one for each hand. Watch to see if she looks at the hand that's doing the squeaking. When she's older, she'll be able to squeeze both at the same time.

  2. Step 2

    Play peekaboo: Put a blanket over your head and come out with a "boo." Or try placing your hands over your baby's eyes, and then lift them off with a smile.

  3. Step 3

    Build a cardboard hill and roll a wheeled toy down the ramp. After a while, she'll begin to anticipate the crash as the toy slides down the hill.

  4. Step 4

    Play with a rattle: Hold it so she can reach for it with one hand, and then the other. Move it closer and farther away, higher and lower, so she can work on her reaching and grasping.

  5. Step 5

    Take off her clothes and let her move about on a firm, flat surface wearing only a diaper. Free from the restrictions of clothing and covers, she'll be able to perform her finest gymnastics.

  6. Step 6

    Tape-record her babbling and then play it back for her. See how she reacts to her own voice. Try recording your voice, and watch her response when your voice comes from the tape recorder and not your mouth.

  7. Step 7

    Blow some bubbles: She'll enjoy watching them float through the air.

2 months old :)

Die dh pndai senyum..alhamdullilah segala perkembangan positif..termasuk perkembangan pipi dan tubuh badannya..semangat sunggoh...lahir x besar mane 2.6 kg je..

i'm back-newborn

hehe..dah lama x buka blog ni.klu kueh dah bkulat pon..skang dah citer baru..buka buku baru..selamat melahirkan 1st baby..baby boy..Ahmad Nazrol Amsyar namanya..mase scan engat gal-gal.kuar-kuar boy plak..semuanya bermula pada detik 10.36 minit pagi bertarikh 19 okt 2009. Bertempat di Hosp PPUM..pengalaman bersalin ni best gak..bukan best ape..dapt merasai pengalaman yang sesetengah org x bleh rase dan xkan boleh rase..walaupun sakit tp aku bersyukur sgt2..semuanya selamat..anugerah yang x ternilai Allah bagi pada hambanya yang bernama Nadzirah..

Sebelum tu mcm2 pengalaman bersalin pernah aku dengar..ade yang menggerunkan..tapi bagi aku aku dalam kategori mudah bersalin kot..aku x rase serik lagi..hehe..aku sakit pinggang dalam kul 2 pagi..mase tu mengantuk sgt..ignore je rase skit tu..tapi makin lama makin kuat..aih..dh nak besalin ke.due 24hb 10..ambil langkah beringat aku gtau hubby yg ngah syok tido...dlm kul 4 pagi g ospital..mase tu hari senin..xnk ambil risiko jem..so pegi je..k.l sunyi sepi waktu ni..smpai ospital nurse suh dok kt wad,doc xder ag tk check..dlm kul 6 pagi..doc dtg..die check bukaan jln..dh 6 cm..(tq doc,baik doc ni,klu xslap nama die ezra)...die suh tunggu kul 9 nnti dtg ag tk bersalin..huis..dh tibe masanye...berdebar...klu dok skit sempat lagi terlelap sekajp tu pon sbb dikejutkan oleh rase sakit...dlm dok mnunggu..ade nurse yg tanye.."x skit ke dik?"..aku jwb dengan sbar "sakit le kak"..tahan je...dlm kul 930 doc dtg...doc pempuan..yg ni aku xtau nama..die xpakai nametag.....

tepat pkul 10 36.aku selamat bersalin bby boy..penat gak bersalin ni..memerluakn tenaga yang byk..walaupun suami xmsuk tp staf2 kt cni bg sokongan moral yang penuh...ramai plak doc n nurse dtg pade mase tu..klu xsilap aku 2 doc n 4 orng nurse dtg bg support..dieorg jerit ramai2.."lagi...lagi..llagi"...bagi xnk menghampakan dioerng aku push jugak r..hingga lahirnye Amsyar...ehem..mula2 nurse letak kt dada aku..xterkata aku waktu tu..aku tengok die..die tengok aku..x nangis plak tu...aku cium jek..pastu nurse amik ..trus nangis..

tu la sikit senbyak pngalamn yag xternilai aku lalui...


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