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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bahan Bantu Mengajar


Cd lagu bagi membantu anak mengenal ABC.Kaedah fonik digunakan. CD ini dimainkan setiap hari di dalam kereta semasa dalam perjalanan balik dan pulang dari sekolah..untuk pendedahan awal dan mengurangkan tahap'kebuasan' Amsyar di dalam kereta...Amsyar ralit dengar..

Ants on the apple
a, a, a
Ants on the apple
a, a, a
Ants on the apple
a, a, a
"a" is the sound of "A"

Ini pula bahan untuk memperkenalkan alif, ba, ta..buku masih elok disimpan cuma cd dan vcd sahaja yang digunakan. Menarik jugak klu nengokkan reaksinya..ok la tu..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to Play With 10-Month-Old Baby

"Hello, amsyar ni.."

1.Show her how to push a small car or truck along the floor. After a while, she'll learn to let go so that the car rolls by itself.

2.Play "follow the leader"; she'll love to imitate. Use simple gestures like tapping the table, opening and closing your fist, or putting a hat on your head. Talk about what you're doing so she can learn the words.

3.Talk to her on a real or play phone. She'll learn the fun of carrying on a conversation.

4.Go outside: She'll enjoy putting leaves, twigs or toys in a pail. At this stage, she'll enjoy putting things into other things.

5.Put a small toy inside a paper bag or box. As she struggles to get it, she'll increase her understanding of inside and out.

6.Build her a tower of blocks. She will enjoy watching them wobble and tumble.

7.Reserve a cabinet for her toys; putting them away can be half the fun.

8.Help her blow bubbles using a straw in her bathwater. You blow, and see if she'll imitate you.

How to Stimulate a 10-Month-Old's Physical Development
  1. Put some of your baby's favorite toys on a low table if she's able to pull herself up to standing. She'll have to stretch to reach them, which will increase her awareness of "close" and "far away."

  2. Try a tearing activity if she's ready. Old magazines, tissue paper, wrapping paper and foil are all fun to rip. If she would rather eat it than tear it, save the activity for a later month.

  3. Give her a third toy when she has one in each hand. See if she can figure out how to hold all three toys.

  4. Practice filling and emptying a container. Use a plastic bottle and a handful of clothespins. She'll probably need help emptying it at first. Later, vary the containers and the objects.

  5. Roll a ball back and forth with her. See if she'll roll it to other adults, too.

  6. Play "follow the leader" using simple gestures and movements. Talk about what you're doing so she can learn the words.

Source from : http://www.ehow.com/how_6471_play-with-10.html

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Buku untuk anak anda...

buku ini ditulis oleh dr miriam stoppard. terdapat 2 versi bm n eng. Susah nk cri buku ni kt market.buku lama...ni di pinjam dr orang.

Pilihan mainan yang sesuai untuk simanja turut dimuatkan.

setiap perkembangan si manja dari lahir hingga umur 5 tahun di terangkan dan cara-cara untuk merangsang setiap perkembangan yang dilalui.

Buku ni juga banyak membantu..


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